We ship our beef packs, depending on availability, ever 14 days, and usually on a Monday. We ship these packs from Tauranga, and they are all shipped by courier, direct to our customers.

We ship in the same, thermally efficient, double lined shipping cartons as we do with our pies. We also include our super thick 1kg gel pads, so that the pack ships nice and cool even in hot weather. All our steaks are vacuum packed individually.

We encourage gel pads to be reused or recycled. If a customer can collect 5+ we email them a packing label to print out and attach to the return box. The gel pads container hydrogel. Apart from being food safe, the hydrogel can be poured onto the garden. They retain moisture, so are great in drier conditions.

We aks the courier to pick up later in the day, so the packs are held in our chillers for most of the day. Most packs are delivered on an overnight service, with some Rural Deliveries a two-day service.