85% of a cattle beast is made up of slower cooked cuts – and it is this beef that we use in our pies. We also use our rump steak in the pies. This leaves us only with prime cuts and a small amount of prime mince and sausage grind, to sell in our beef packs. Unfortunately, we will never have enough beef to satisfy our demand – sorry!

We sell Eye Fillets (whole) and individually sliced steaks, thick, at 300grams each. Our Scotches are rolled, restaurant style, and then individually vacuum packed. They almost look like sliced eye fillet, they are so well rounded. We are delighted with how they are presented

Our Sirloins (also called Porterhouse steaks) are also packed individually and a heavy 300 grams. We sell a 3kg Sirloin pack (10 individual slices) or as a combo Scotch/Sirloin pack. The combo pack is 2.4kgs and comprises 4 x 300 gram steaks each of Sirloin and Scotch

We also sell a 3kg Mince pack and a 3kg Sausage grind pack. These packs comprise 6 x 500gr packs each. our mince is 85% pure meat, which we believe is a good percentage to allow extra taste from the beef fat. Our Sausage Grind packs are actual sausage meat – not in casings. This allows for a lot more flexibility. It can be rolled into sausage shapes, or meat patties, meatballs, or even made into delicious scotch eggs,