How We Ship

Our Pies are sold and shipped in a box of 8. This box is specially designed and is thermally very efficient. We pack 4 pies in the bottom and top of the box, and in between the pies is a thick 1kg frozen gel pad. The gel is hydra-gel – which is food safe and can be reused.

If you are a regular customer and collect up 5 gel pads, we can email you a return courier label to return the gel pads to us to reuse.

Apart from Christmas, we ship our pies every 14 days. They are baked on a Monday and Tuesday, and we ship them fresh/chilled on the Wednesday.

Each Wednesday we start in the early hours of the morning so that all packs are ready for the courier by mid-afternoon, for overnight delivery service.  We keep them super chilled until pickup.

It is an overnight delivery – with some Rural Deliveries a two-day delivery.

24 hours before delivery we try to give everyone a “heads-up” email that the pack will be shipped the next day – and later on the shipping day we email through the Courier tracking number, for you to trace.