We are a cattle breeder, first and foremost!

We are breeding pure Angus cattle with the emphasis on:

… Great carcass
… High marbling
… Extreme docility

When it comes to carcass – we want:

… Length
… Depth
… Breadth

We definitely want our cows to calve unassisted, but we are not trying to breed a thinner, low birthweight cow. Genetic observation and testing show that a medium birthweight calf will grow more efficiently than a very small calf.

It is important for the beef industry to be as efficient as possible, and we believe that an animal growing with a larger, faster growing carcass will achieve these efficiency goals

High marbling is a prerequisite to our long term breeding goals.

There are many influences that affect beef eating quality – but the single biggest influence is from marbling. Marbling is the small flecks of fat that reside inside the steak (not the fat on the outside of the steak). When the steak is cooked, this fat melts and enhances the flavour profile. Once the fat is melted, the result is meat that is more relaxed, more tender and more succulent.

One of the other major attributes we are looking for in our breeding is docility. We want nice, happy cows, who don’t get stressed (and therefore stress the other cows).

We are confident that the best steaks come from relaxed animals, but our driver is well beyond simply the eating quality, We genuinely want our animals to be relaxed and enjoying life on Lake Farm. The more docile the animal, the better chance we have of achieving this goal.