Beef Bourguignon is back

Good morning everyone,

For most it’s back to work this week. For those lucky ones still on holiday – we hope the weather keeps fine for you.  It certainly has been strange weather – I guess a sign of things to come.

We also have lot’s of retired customers – who enjoy getting lunch or dinner from the freezer – which is very convenient. Lets hope it’s fine at your place too!!

Our next Pie shipment 25th January
25th Jan is now only 9 days away! If you would like a pack of pies from this shipment – we recommend buying this week, before we start running out!

Beef Bourguignon is back
Yep – this limited Edition favourite  is back for another  turn. It’s been quite a few months since it’s last appearance, and we have had many requests for this back.

This time we are adding a little more mushroom, which will enhance this delightful pie.

You won’t see this pie again for a while – so do buy a pack this round, if you would like a try!

Prime beef will be available soon.
More beef is on the way – probably for shipment  on 7th February – after Waitangi Weekend.  We will need to get confirmation from the beef processors before  we offer it for sale.  We will update you next Monday

On the Farm:
Apart from the miles of rain, there is not much to report. The grass is growing like crazy – so it’s been an amazing period. Let’s hope it doesn’t all of a sudden turn into a drought!

Spotlight on:
Today we want to spotlight one of our surrogate cows, Tamara. We believed Tamara was carrying another expensive pregnancy for us.  She started  to calve yesterday, and we left her alone – checking in every 15 minutes or so.

You can imaging our shock, when we returned to find she had calved a white faced heifer!! She obviously got in calf naturally, from our bull, and fooled us for 9 months!

The little girl is called Tiffin.  She might end up staying and becomming another of our surrogate females.

Well done, Tamara and Tiffin!

That’s all for this week.

We love orders – so would be delighted to receive an order from you this week.  Remember the Beef Bourguignon special edition!

Colin and Keryn