Waitangi Day – No pies a month!!

Good morning everyone!

It’s a beautiful day at the lake, today.  We hope it is great at your place too!

Last chance to buy pies for this week shipment
Yes – we ship pies this coming Wednesday – if you would like a pack (we hope you do) – you need to order today!  It’s always nice to order without any long wait!

No shipment next fortnight due to Waitangi Day
Yes, it looks like a month between shipments.  Our next scheduled date would be 8th February – but Waitangi Day in on the 6th, so they can’t bake on that day.

This is a double reason to make sure you buy a pack today!
Last chance to buy some Beef Burguignon Pies

This is a limited edition pie – so we won’t see it again for a while.  Its special, with mushroom and red wine.

This is a triple reason to make sure you buy a pack today!

Potluck Pie packs:
We have 20 listed now – for shipment this Wednesday.  As usual – first in first served.

On the farm
Next week we are pregnancy scanning most of our herd – a lot have run with our bull, or had ET implants.  We need to know which is which – and the approximate calving dates.  We are running all our stock in one large herd, so it’s going to be a bit of work to draft off the girls to scan.  Fingers crossed that all the girls who should be in calf are!

Spotlight on:
This week we spotlight young Chrissie – daughter of our special cow Christie Brinkley.  Christie is a big girl but with such a delightful character.  If Chrissie grows into a lady half as good as her mum, we will probably keep her for breeding.  Mum has marbling for Africa – and the most beautiful temperament.  She has a big white patch on her udder – which is a no-no for a registered female. Christie is only a commercial cow, so we don’t mind.  The next time we get them all in the yards, I will have a check for markings on Chrissie!

That’s all for this week.

Remember no pies for a month – and this shipment only two days away – we would LOVE to see an order from you.

As always – thanks so much for your support!